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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Tour at Villa Mini Boutique

I had my tour at Mini Villa Boutique yesterday, and I met the cutest and nicest lady who is the owner of the boutique, and she let me take a look of all the participants of the exhibition. I took a bit of eveything, the rest is on you girls to check out the rest.

زرت أمس معرض ميني فيلا بوتيك... هذه اول زياره لي, المكان وايد حلو ومميز مثل صاحبته
المعرض موجود في

العديلية قطعه ٢ شارع عبدالله الهاجري منزل ١٦
من 5 الي 10 مساءا

The Fitting Room

The Praying Room

Alia Perfumes

Truly wow.. Must try the Fahad

She is as sweet as her perfumes

Athari al-Salem Collection
Pin: 21CB1400

 Love the vest

Alzein Custom Designed Abaya

Lovely collection of Abayas

Dar Kaifan

I loved this one... very light and comfortable.. they have it in lots of colors I liked the peige one.. it is nice for shalaih

Papillon + Samooray

Liked this