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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Love Kuwait Expo

BEST WISHES is participating in the "I Love Kuwait Expo". February 22, 23 & 24, Booth 22. You can find 'Beverly' exclusive handmade jewelry, 'Eme di Eme' wedding dresses from Italy, 'Roberto Cavalli' & 'Letante' kids clothes for ages 1-3, 'Babywalker' & 'Il Padrino' kids leather shoes from Greece, sizes 19-24. Movenpick Hotel at the Kuwait Free Zone. Time: 3:00-10:00pm. Be there!

These are handmade with silver 925, precious and semi precious stones, and cubic zirconium

FAVORS are beautiful keepsakes that are given to guests to commemorate a special event. It is a token of appreciation for attending the special event. FAVORS are for Weddings, Engagements, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Student Achievements, Anniversaries and Graduations.

It is traditionally distributed to guests as they leave the event at the end of the night. Traditionally each favor has 5 almond candies which symbolize: Health, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity and Long Life. You can add chocolates or candy of your choice.