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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Turkey - Istanbul Trip - رحلة تركيا - اسطنبول

Thinking of travelling and seeing some new amazing places ?? Then Turkey - Istanbul is a must go to destination... This place would take your breath away, the scenery is superb. I love my Kuwait and everything about it, and the weather is coming from Allaah so no one can object, but just staying in Istanbul and not breathing one spic of dust is just aaah lovely... Furthermore, I was struck by the Turkish people hosbitality. For example, if you are thinking of visiting their Bazars, like the Grand Bazar or the Egyptian Bazar, then you must not eat anything before that, because you will go there and will be served with dozens of cups of tea, coffee, and herbs. Binge on a mix of dry fruits, nuts, baklawa, kunafa, and much more all for free or as they say it "Sunna" or "Ekram", you will be bigging them to stop the food from coming... The experince was amazing and overwhelming....

Ok, I will stop talking now and give you what you want. A list of the best places I went to, and wished to visit but couldn't because of the lack of time. Firts of all, my Air plane tickets where from the Turkish Airlines, the air plane was comfortable, but the service not much, and we stayed in The Ritz Carlton, which is very recommended, and they have the best service, a BIG thumbs up to them.

We had rented a car with driver which cost 140$ a day, but unfortunetly he wasn't as good as we thought, so we had to let him go after just two days and went back and forth with taxis, and I promise you it wasn't so bad, we hd our list of good places and all what he had to do is take us to it..

Turkey national currancy is Turkish Laira, a 100 tl around 18 kd.

Here I will share with you my hotel's concierge program:

Morning Tour ( 08:40 -- 13:40 )
Blue Mosque
One of the best examples of classical Turkish architecture, this 17th-century Ottoman mosque is famed for being the only example in the world with six minarets.
This was the sporting and entertainment center of the old Roman city and was where the chariot races took place.
Haghia Sophia
This marvelous Byzantine basilica was built in the sixth century and today it is sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Süleymaniye Mosque
Built in the 16th century by Sultan Soliman the Magnificent, this is the largest mosque in Istanbul.
Grand Bazaar
This is the largest and most attractive covered bazaar in the world where you will have the chance to shop or just browse for Turkish jewelry, leather goods and fine hand made carpets.
Haghia Sophia is closed on Mondays when it is replaced on the tour with the Basilica Cistern. The Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays
Price is 150€+Vat for per person.
Afternoon Tour ( 13:40 – 17:40 )
Topkapı Palace
The Imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultans from the 15th to the 19th century, the palace has a breathtaking position above the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. It combines spectacular architecture with an unparalleled collection of Chinese porcelain, Imperial costumes, holy relics and the Imperial Treasury.
Spice Market
The vibrant oriental shopping area where, for centuries, travelers have marveled at the goods on display is where we will be able to buy the spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables and even aphrodisiacs of your choice.
Rüstem Paşa Mosque
This 16th century Ottoman mosque is famed for unrivaled interior and exterior displays of fine Iznik Tiles.
Topkapı Palace is closed on Tuesdays.
Price is 150€+Vat for per person.
Full-Day Tour ( 08:40 – 17:40 )
Blue Mosque- A 17th century Ottoman Mosque famed being the only one in the world with six minarets.
Hippodrome- The sporting and entertainment center of the old Roman city.
Haghia Sophia-The marvelous Byzantine basilica built in the sixth century.
Suleymaniye Mosque-The largest mosque in Istanbul built in the 16th century
Grand Bazaar- The largest and the most attractive covered bazaar in the world.
Topkapı Palace- The Imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultans.
Rüstem Paşa Mosque- A 16th century Ottoman mosque which has the best examples of İznik tiles.
Spice Market- An oriental shopping area
Haghia Sophia is closed on Mondays when it is replaced on the tour with the Basilica Cistern.
The Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays.
The Topkapı Palace is closed on Tuesdays.
Price is 250€+Vat including lunch for per person.
Asia Side Tour (08:40 – 13:40 )
Bosphorus Bridge
You will step on Asia by passing the bridge connecting the two continents.
Camlica Hill
The Highest spot of Istanbul.It offers amagnificent panorama to take photos.This 260 meter-high hill is on the migration route of large birds unable to cross the Mediterraneanas they make their way to Africa,for this reason,it is a birdwatchers paradise.
Beylerbeyi Palace
The Beylerbeyi Palace was built 1861-1865 for Sultan Abdulaziz by architect Sarkis Balyan.Foreign Emperors and empresses were hosted this place.
Bagdat Avenue
It is the most famous avenue including high scale stores and restaurants.
Beylerbeyi Palace is closed on Monday and Tuesday.
Price is 150€+Vat including lunch for per person.
Full Day Prınces Island Tour ( 08:40 –17:40 )
Tour to Buyukada ,which is the biggest and most famous of Princess Islands.The Islands in the sea off the coast of Istanbul became known as the Princess Islands.The highest of the four hills on Buyukada takes ıts name from the Aya Yorgi ( St.George ) Church.
There are estimated 100.000 bicycles on the Islands, and it is the only place in Turkey, where bikes have license plates.After meal in a first class fish restaurant, we will wander on the Island by phaeton (horse-cart ) which is the only transportation vehicle aveilable.
Price is 250€+Vat including lunch for per person.


And this is my Trip Program:


  •  I Recommend The House Hotel in Nisantasi Street ( This street is full of Grand Brands Boutiques like BrandRoom, Beymen, Adamo - who sells the best quality fur - and lots of Cafes - I recommend a small cafe beside the hotel which have a lovely fundoe )
  • Kimpinsi Hotel
  • The Ritz Carlton

- Malls and Shopping:
  • Istinye Park ( have a great outdoor Cafes and Boutiques like Chanel, Hermes, Armani cafe, Laduree, and more )
  • Nisantsi street ( My favourite place for shopping, there is big stores like Beymen and Brand Room, and lovely small boutiques )
  • Kanyon Avenue ( You may find there Harvey Nickols, and try Konyali for Turkish Cusinie )
  • Akmerkaz Avenue
  • Bagdat Avenue ( didn't go there but the concierge said its a lovely place )
  • Fly inn ( didn't go there )
- Archaeological sites ( Amaken Sya7ya ):
  • Dolmabache
  • Sultan Ahmad ( inside Aya Sofia + Blue Mosque + Tob kabi Palace )
  • Masyad abo ayoub el an9ary fe yama telfreek ywady 7ag gahwa fog el jabal
  • Princesses Island ( take a ferry to there which the hotel can manage your trip - a must see place )
  • Borsa ( takes you 2:30 hour to go there from Istanbul, it is a snowy city so you can go skiing there, if you like )

- Aswaq Sha3biya:
  • Grand Bazar ( Visit Adamo fur + Dantell, amazing towels and sheets + Burc for best Kunafa )
  • Egytian Bazar ( Hatha smaller + Gulluoglu for Turkish Delights )
  • Ortakoy ( Best Waffles ) Cafes o small shops on the Bisfour river
and Take with you a troly bag if you want to buy somethings

- Cafes + Resturants
  • CHILAI in Bebek ( Best Cafe I ever went to, and you will see in the pictures) Bebek street is nice for walking, there you will find lots of amazing Cafes and Resturants.
  • Hamdi Resturant ( must try Pistachio Kepab, Muhamara, and their sweets, I think its name is Qetma) it is Beside Egyptian Bazar
  • Ulus 29 ( didn't go there but they said it have a great food and view )
  • House Cafe
  • yildiz saray , ga9r yaldez 3ebara 3an jabal eb nus istanbul 7adayg o feeh gahwa raw3a manthar jameeel
  • Husebasi ( Turkish Cusinie in Nisantsi Street )
  • 360 ( didn't go but they said it is the best )
  • Borsa ( Estinye Park )
  • Go Mango ( Estinye Park, they have lovely Bakura )
  • vabiano in Nisantsi for italian cuasinie

برنامج رحلة تركيا - أسطنبول


  • ذا هاوس هوتيل ( في شارع نيشان شي - هل شارع فيه بوتيكات للماركات العالمية وقهاوي حلوه وخصوصاً قهوه يم الفندق )
  • كمبنسكي هوتيل
  • ذا ريتز كارلتون

مجمعات وشوارع للتسوق
  • استينيا بارك ( فيه قعدات خارجية عجيبه وفيه ماركات مثل شانيل وهيرمز وكافيهات مثل ارماني و لادوري )
  • كانيون ( فيه هارفي نيكولز وجربوا مطعم كونيالي للاكل التركي )
  • شارع نيشان شي ( مكاني المفضل فيه بوتيكات عالمية و محلات كبيرة مثل بيمن و براند روم وبوتيكات صغيره صناعه تركية عجيبة )
  • مجمع اكمركز
  • شارع بغداد
  • فلاي ان
أماكن سياحية

  • دولما باجي ( فيه قصر اخر ست سلاطين وايد حلو )
  • سلطان احمد ( فيه آيه صوفيا + المسجد الازرق + قصر توب كابي )
  • مسجد أبو أيوب الانصاري فيه يمه تلفريك يودي حق قهاوي فوق الجبل
  • جزيرة الاميرات تروحون لها بعباره مكان وايد مميز و سألوا الفندق عشان يضبط لكم الرحلة
  • مدينة بورصه فيها ثلج وتقدرون تتزلجون هناك
أسواق شعبية
  • جراند بازار ( وايد كبير و محلاته تونس للمجوهرات و الاستكانات التركية + محل ادامو للفريرات + محل للفوط وايد حلو اسمه دانتيل + احلى كنافه في مطعم بورك )
  • البازار المصري ( هذا اصغر و فيه محلات للاعشاب + فيه محل قولو اقلو للحلويات التركية )
  • اوتاكوي ( احلي وافلز و بطاط مسلوق وفيه محلات صغيره وكافيهات على نهر البسفور )
لمن تروحون البازار انصحكم تاخذون معاكم جنطه ترولي تخفف عليكم الحمل

مطاعم و كافيهات
  • شيلاي في بابيك ( احلى كافيه وعلى البحر وناجوز عنده خيال - بابيك مكان وايد حلو وفيه كافيهات كثيرة وتونس )
  • مطعم حمدي ( يم البازار المصري وجربوا كباب بالقستق وحلو اسمه اتوقع قتمه يسويه جدامك بالفرن )
  • الوس 29 ( مارحت له بس يقولون اكله لذيذ ويطلع على منظر حلو )
  • يلديز ساراي ( قصر يلديز عبارة عن جبل بنص اسطنبول فيه حدايق و قهوه روعه ومنظر جميل )
  • هاوس كافيه
  • 360 ( مارحت له بس يقولون انه ممتاز )
  • مطعم بورصة في استينيا بارك
  • جو مانغو ( في استينيا بارك تقدرين تسوين خلطتج اللي تحبينه من النودلز من البوفيه واهم يطبخونه وعندهم باكوره عجيبه )
  • مطعم فابيانو في نيشان شي ( اكل ايطالي المفضل عندي جربته في دبي مول والمانيا )
  • مطعم هوس باسي ( اكل تركي في شارع نيشان شي )

Now I leave you with some Pictures

View from the hotel , you may see their Staduim

My Breakfast

Turkish Delights, always there, The Rose one is so refreshing

Sahlab, and sometimes they serve Apple Tea

Saw these boys in the hotel, have no idea who they are, but they are a football players in Atletico De Madrid, and they were kind enogh to let us take some pictures.

Nisantsi Street


Istirye Park

Armani Cafe in Istirye Park



Konyali ( Must try their Kufta )

This is everywhere

Gullouglo in Egyptian Bazar

Hamdi Resturant ( beside Egyptian Bazar )

Best Kunafa ever in Grand Bazar

Dolmabache ( The last 6 Sultans Palace )
No Picture were allowed to be taken inside the Palac, but I can asure you it is breath taking.

Chilai Cafe in Bebek Street. Amazing view as you may see and Nachos were Delicious

This Cafe is in Nisantsi, Beside The House Hotel, unfortunetly I forgot the name!


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