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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Visit To: Alwaan - Art & Fashion at Dar al Funoon


List od Participants:
  • Acquire foods- Munch/UpperCrust Pizzeria/Milk
  • Gelato Italiano
  • Goji Boutique- Multi brand online boutique in Kuwait, which caters to the trend setters in the region
  • Qumar14- Modern wear with Arabesque signature and feel
  • Dana Al-Nafisi – Dana Al-Nafisi Jewelry
  • Niche Arabia
  • 10.oh.08- Cafe and Restaurant
  • Concrete Copper-New concept
  • Aura- Saudi Jewelery designer
  • DANEH- Avante Garde Saudi Designer
  • Ricamo- Contemporary chic & trendy house accessories
Ricamo - Salhiya Complex M1

Daneh Buhmad

Auras Jewelry

Dana alNifisi

I had an amazing time at Alwaan event, and I bought some cute staff. Great event by and Qumar 14... I wish you girls all the best.

Don't miss it all!


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