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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A to Z at Zee Burger

Enjoyed my meal at this cozy place with a full of mouth watering menu, Zee Burger is a must go to destination, great food and service.

والحمدلله الذي اطعمنا وسقانا هذا من غير لا حول لنا ولا قوة

Zee Burger is located at albed3, The Palms Hotel.

I will leave you with the pictures now. Enjoy!

Our bags lining up

Crispy Salad

Bread Pudding

Mushroom and Parmisan Burger

Zee Burger

Mexican Burger

Fries with Cheese and Mushroom sause

Forgot its name !

Zee Fries

Onion Rings with dip

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Crab Salad

Chocolate Cake


Chicken Wings

I must say that everything was so yummy, Zee Burger is highly recommended. Go ahead give a try, and please try something new.. Tasting is good!

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