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Saturday, October 13, 2012

DELITART.. Delicious Tarts!

A sweet girl sent me her new business to review, and from that sweet girl came some sweet-mmm- better yet heavenly tasted tarts, delicious tarts, and mouthwatering. If you like cheesecake then you will love these tarts. They are very light and fluffy with lots of different flavors. I loved the boxing and the colors where so vibrant. the box came with lots of flavors and I happen to love them all. I wish you all the best sweet girl!

DELITART flavors: Nutella - Caramel - Lutos Caramel with pecan - Walnuts - Sugar.

To order please call: 60406616
Twitter account: @delitart
Instagram account: @delitart

P.S.: all pictures have been taken by me. :)

My favorite flavor - Caramel -sitting nicely on my Murakami sheet!

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