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Monday, October 22, 2012

Servant Chocolatier at Tijariya Tower

“Servant Chocolatier offers savory and delicious chocolates; the chocolate-makers assure the creativity of the chocolates bonbons to create edible jewels. Each one of the chocolate-maker’s recipes is personalized, and reworked over and over again until they have obtained a unique product in terms of color, sheen, texture, preserving and taste. The artisan chocolate-maker must select the best quality ingredients in order to perpetuate this culinary art and to improve on it, subsequently offering incomparable flavors. Because chocolate is a fragile product, the chocolate-maker must also manage the storage time to maintain optimal aromas.


Servant Chocolatier 

Location: Altijariya tower, alSoor street, basement

Contact number: 22968130 or 97923809

instagram account: @Servantparis



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