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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things I Liked at PLT Salhiya - Names and Contacts

December marked the biggest Pretty LittleThings show to date – and a one-year anniversary. It was celebrated with anOutdoor Festival at Salhiya Mall Plaza, complete with fairy lights and over 20brands from the region. The first Pretty Little Things house at the orphanage,funds for which were collected at the May PLT show, is already underconstruction, and for the December show, the aim was to gather enough to buildanother. To accomplish that, the same wish list will be shown in cooperationwith Abyat along with the art installation. The brands in the show hailed fromKuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon.

I believe Noaf Hussain of PLT's has done a wonderful job in this lovely event, com-paining a mix variety of local and foreign brands that meets the kuwaiti taste.. Thank you Noaf, and can't wait to see what you have next. Good luck!

For those who wasn't able to go to the event I will try to provide with the names and numbers of most of the participants.

المعرض كان أكثر من رائع وللي ما قدر يحضر راح أحاول اوفر لكم الاسماء والارقام لأكثر المشاركين

November Bakery

Wick Candels
Instagram: @wickcandels
 The Original Basket Boutique
+965 99728030
( I bought a very special goodie basket for a special someone and the wrapping was amazing!)

Pretty Sheep 
+965 67030905
Instagram @pretty_sheep

 Unique Favors
(a party station for making S'mores - a very lovely idea )
Instagram: @uniquefavors
+965 96980021

 Naeema alShuhail
Twitter: @naeemaalshuhail

 a water removable nail polish

 Razan alAzouni

+965 22901502-3-5


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