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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life and Style Expo at Crown Plaza

amazing expo at Crown Plaza Frawinya.. Do not miss it it will end on the 31 of January for 10 to 10.. I took some pictures of some of things I liked there.. enjoy!

tel: 0096524925444

altilal complex
tel: 0096522253456

tel: 0096522425647

 Moroccan Section

21 Carrots
tel: 0096522270280
Located in Hamra Complex

The Pillow Case
tel: 0096599919856

Aisha AlFadhel

Loved this by Wael alHumathi tel: 99073435

Vitrine Boutique
tel: 0096599669659

Sufi Art From Turkey

tel: 0096522433234
located in Salhiya Complex

loved this watch for my boys
tel: 0096522639714

tilal center
tel: 0096522402274

I ended my tour with Fauchon treats Yumm!

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