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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

EVENT : Roberto Cavalli Cafe Soft Opening - كافيه روبيتو كافالي

Yesterday I was invited for the soft opening of Roberto Cavalli Cafe in The Grand Avenues, a brunch of many in the middle east and the world. I absolutely  loved the place, a very luxurious destination for our girls/family gatherings. Now, when it comes to the food that it served there, it is a fine Italian cuisine prepared freshly by Italian chefs. I will give it 8/10! Why? I will tell you, as Mr. Lorenzo said to me, this menu came straight from Cavalli's Italy, and I believe it is in need of some touches to suit the Kuwaiti taste. The appetizers were so refreshing, I had A Salad Caprese and the Mozzarella was so fresh and yummy, I didn't try the Pizza but all have been braving about it. Then for the main course I loved my truffle pasta, and the desserts I had was so lovely and fulfilling. You all should give it a try, and drop by for a luxurious piece of Italy!

امس كانت تجربتي الاولى في كافيه روبيرتو كافالي في غراند افنيوز.. مكان هادي وفخم والاكل كان لذيذ بس يحتاج بعض اللمسات عشان يناسب الذوق الكويتي لانه المنيو نفسه الي موجود في ايطاليا! انصح تجربونه لاني احب هل اماكن اللي تكون هاديه ومريحه واكلها متعوب عليه... وبالعافيه مقدما.


Beauty Spot, a mix of strawberry, pineapple and lemon

Tomato Soup

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