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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing My New Blog and LOGO!

Ladies and gentleman..

please give a warm welcome to my new and improved BLOG and LOGO..

I was searching for a long time for the perfect logo that represent me, and to search no more I came upon this lovely illustration of a dreamy floated girl by the talented Velwyn Yossy.

My logo is a cool and elegant woman holding a lollipop that shows how innocent she is, and floating in a big red balloon to the perfect world of her own!

Here is an introduction to the sweet Velwyn Yossy:

The Jacket worn in the illustration is by COMME des GARÇONS

Name: Velwyn Yossy
Age: 26
Nationality: Indo-Chinese American
Living in: Los Angeles 
What is in your sketchbook?
Since most of my works are done digitally, instead of having a sketchbook, I usually do some gestural scribbles and a lot of observational writings on a random sheet of paper or the back of a receipt that I found.
What do you illustrate?
I generally do concept art as a living but lately I’ve been enjoying the creative process of fashion illustration with editorial concept based on a recent collection or a runway show.
Where do you illustrate?
Mostly at home or café.
What inspires your work?
There are so many things that I find inspiring, I try to observe as much as I could from conceptual fashion photography or some gestural movement of contemporary dancers, I also get inspired by architecture work from someone like Zaha Hadid and obscure phenomenon in the nature that I find captivating. Above all, I like to feel some mood and strength in the things I see, they can be subdued or melancholic yet they have to speak some kind of emotion to me.





To see more of Velwyn’s work, visit her portfoliotumblrFacebook page,pinterest, or follow her on twitter @Velwyn.