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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lunch at Versus Caffe - غداء في فيرسوس كافيه في مجمع الحمراء

Today I was invited to try out the new Summer menu at Versus Caffe located in al-Hamra shopping center.
As a high end brand freak, visiting Versus is a must!  The menu contains a mix selection of Salads, Appetizers, Main Courses, and desserts. The coffee is a special blend for versus that is freshly grainded in the caffe, and all beef is an Angus beef which is the best of all beefs.
Versus Caffe also provides a special catering for all your occasions.
I highly recommend this place, because it has an amazing atmosphere, and all fresh ingredients.. 

For more information please call: +965 51113800 +965 22270330

اليوم جريت كافيه فيرسوس في مجمع الحمراء المكان وايد شرح والالوان الحمراء تونس والاكل لذيذ وكله فريش.. جربت الاطباق اليديد للصيف متنوعه ومنعشه وحبيتها كلها العصاير عجييييبه ومنعشه واللحم انجوس من اجود انواع اللحوم 

والشي العجيب بعد انه كافيه فيرسوس يقدم خدمة بوفيه الحفلات للريوق والغداء والعشاء 

معلومات اكثر اتصلوا على هل ارقام : ٥١١١٣٨٠٠

 Yogurt Manzo

 Pollo Verda


 Picc - Burger
Glamour D'oro + Rock - Chic

 Blueberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Fettuccine with fried Vanilla ice-cream

 Espresso is a must

Thank you Mr. Jad Dib - Manager of Versus Caffe for the lovely invite, we had such a lovely time, and I wish you all the best of luck..

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