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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My New Catch of The Day

I usually include in my blog "My New Catch of the Day" post, a catch of new shopping websites that I discover, loved and enjoyed shopping at, and today my catch is this new Kuwait based site called LAVENDERSTOP.COM that currently sells an American brand called "CHICBUDS".

ChicBuds is a Fashion related mobile accessories, that is influenced by the latest fashion runways to match them in colors and patterns.. A high quality mobile accessories products that fits perfectly to your daily chic lifestyle. 
ChicBuds products includes mobile cases with a glossy finish, a high quality leather covered headphones with microphone control, earbuds (small earphones with microphone control), bluetooth wireless speakers that lasts up to 10 hours with mega sound, portable chargers (charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and charges two devices at the same time).  All of those products are sold as a full set of 6 pieces of the same patterns and colors with a special price, or individually with your own choice of reference that you can mix and match!     

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